The Watercolour Society of INDIA is Founded by Amit Kapoor in 2013 to promote the watercolour Art & Artist of INDIA.

WSI Aim is to Join the international family of watercolour painting & to promote and popularize watercolour/watermedia in every country. WSI is founded by Mr. Amit Kapoor with the aim of exchanging proposals and artistic beauty as is the watercolour technique. To uplift standards through discussions, seminars, workshops, master classes, inviting WSI members from around the world. Aim is to showcase the work of all the watercolour artists from every part of the world. Aim of WSI is to interact with other watercolour artists & associations worldwide, hold activities to exchange views & ideas to high the caliber & help improve art-taste in the art-lovers & finally arranging publications on different occasions" To Cooperate with already established watercolour societies in the country.


WSI is now in a joint venture with International watercolour society of India. It is our vision to in hand the boundaries of watercolour medium and bring the hidden India talent at an International heat form we will be organizing various events, Exhibitions and seminars throughout the year which will serve as a he form for the exchange of various ideas between the artists.


Amit Kapoor

(WSI Founder & Honorary President)

Megha Kapoor

(Vice President)

Ajay Jain


Ajay Thakur

(Web Coordinator)